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We will work together to create goals surrounding specific challenges, such as significant worry, low esteem or confidence, dependency on others, or unwanted thoughts and behaviors. You don’t always need to know where to start and how to best organize your thoughts and feelings. I’m here to support you moving towards the person you want to be, empower you with strategies to overcome obstacles, feel more confident about yourself, and regain focus.


"Every couple is a bodacious blend of relational strengths and relational growing edges."

- Dr. Alexandra Solomon 

I will bet there were or still are moments you feel your partner just gets you; you finish each other's sentence, and there are certain things you can absolutely count on them for. Then something changed along the way. We are not often told that disharmony could happen when we transition into different stages AND it doesn't mean you don't care about each other anymore. Couple therapy will help you identify problematic interaction patterns, use your strengths to get unstuck, move from blaming to connecting, and strengthen the relationship based on respect, support, and trust. 


Behind closed doors of families, we see the most relaxed, authentic, embarrassing, and sometimes dangerous parts of ourselves. Because of this, the healing that comes from family relationships can make a profound positive impact on other areas of our lives. Getting support from family therapy DOES NOT mean you have failed in any ways! As we get into different life stages, the support we need from our family members and the interaction naturally will shift. We will work together to address dysfunctional interactions, improve communication, establish healthy boundaries, and foster relationships that make it easier for each family member to reach out for support when they need. 


It does take a village to raise a kid

Let me start with saying: welcoming a new life into this world is incredibly magical AND hard as heck! Our primal parental instincts unfortunately can get in the way of us transitioning into our new roles as parents because of modern family structure, work stress, and unlimited resources of parenting strategies. It is normal to not know how to be a new parent, not know how to balance your role as a parent and role as a partner, not know what your "village" could look like, and feel crappy about not knowing. We get to work together to redefine what healthy family looks likes for you, how to quiet the voices of judgments, and how to channel your parental instinct to build each other up as a team. 


Before scheduling this service, in depth consulting is required

Parent coaching is a short term intervention that provides hands-on, here-and-now tools for bringing about rapid and dramatic improvement in their child's behaviors. Strategies will be customized to each family (taking into consideration of parents' strengths, child's personality, treatment history, etc), in the absence of the child, to teach methods and tools that promote attachment and self-esteem while feeding the development of positive behaviors. I would only recommend this service for parents whose child has been treatment resistant, not benefiting from higher level of care, or child who refuses support/treatment for themselves. 

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